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Damage type info

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A quick overview of the unit status panel. All mechanics are explained in detail if you hover the mouse over the respective elements.


When a Knockback/Impact effect is taken, the strength of the incoming effect determines if the unit will be knocked back, and, if yes, by how many grids (1-3).

Buildup is increased only when the unit can't be knocked back by the required number of grids. If there's buildup at the start of a turn, current Action Points will be reduced by BUILDUP / 10, and then the buildup will be reset to 0.

Note: APs lost this way can be regained by healing. The loss is not permanent.

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Tranquilization/Paralysis buildup determines how seriously a unit will be slowed down (impacts all general, movement, and combat actions) at the start of the turn, for the turn:

  • 20-39: (Paralysis level 1) 1 AP
  • 40-59: (Paralysis level 2) 2 APs
  • 60-79: (Paralysis level 3) 3 APs
  • 80+: complete motoric Paralysis (level 4), no actions can be taken at all.

Buildup is then reduced by half. Tranquilization/Paralysis damage never conveys instant effects apart from buildup increase.

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When any Fire damage is taken, a roll against the current buildup will be instantly made to determine if the unit is ignited. If yes, a damage equal to BUILDUP / 5 will be instantly dealt, and the unit receives the Burning status until the next turn. The same mechanics apply to the start of each turn, very possibly leading to continued Burning. Buildup is then reduced by half.

If buildup is by any means reduced to 0, an active Burning status will be immediately removed. If the unit becomes Chilled or Frozen while having the Burning status, it will be instantly SHATTERED.

Note: Cryo damage dealt to units with Fire buildup must first counter it (and vice versa).

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Acid buildup corrodes (decays) Armor (both front and rear) at the start of each turn. The amount of this corrosive damage is BUILDUP / 10. When there's no more Armor left, it does BUILDUP / 5 damage directly to Health (BUILDUP / 10 if either Armor is >0.) Acid buildup is then reduced by 20%. If no Armor is left, buildup is reduced to 0.

If a unit has 0 Armor when receiving Acid damage, it is instantly dealt to Health instead, and no buildup is applied. Acid damage done to Burning units automatically converts to Fire damage. While Frozen, a unit cannot take damage from Acid, but the buildup can increase.

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Poison buildup deals direct damage to Health equal to its value at the beginning of every turn. (This can only be reduced by Poison Resistance.) Unlike the others, Poison buildup does not decay over time at all, unless treated. When Poison buildup reaches a certain amount, additional side effects become active at the start of the next turn (removal of these also happens then, if the buildup is reduced):

  • 25+: all healing done to the unit is 50% less effective, -5 maximum Action Points
  • 50+: +1 to Paralysis level (this can only be removed by treating the Poison).
  • 75+: additional -20 to maximum and current Action Points.

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When any Cryo damage is taken, and the buildup is high enough, a roll against the current buildup will be instantly made to determine if the unit becomes Chilled (min. buildup: 20) or Frozen (min. buildup: 60) for the turn. If either Cryo status is applied, BUILDUP / 5 (Chilled) or BUILDUP / 2 (Frozen) damage is instantly dealt to Health, respectively. The same mechanics apply to the start of each turn. Buildup is then reduced by half.

  • Chilled: +1 Paralysis level, -5 Accuracy, Melee Attack and Defense Value.
  • Frozen: +2 Paralysis level,-15 Accuracy, Melee AV and DV. Can be SHATTERED via Impact or Fire.

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Shadow energy buildup deals direct damage to Health equal to its value at the beginning of every turn. In addition, it temporarily increases the effective value of Tranquilization buildup when determining Paralysis level, possibly leading to a more severe effect without the traditional means (medikits) to prevent it. Shadow energy buildup is then reset to 0.

Contrary to Tranquilization, when a unit takes any Shadow energy damage, a Paralysis check is instantly performed with a chance of BUILDUP % to immediately increase Paralysis level by 1, ONCE PER TURN. The value of classic Tranquilization buildup does not factor into this.

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