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Self-defense Pistol
Cavalli 12s 3R
Small arm
Cost: 1000 Credits
The Cavalli 12s is more than a simple “self-defense” weapon. Its damage may not be good enough, but using armor-piercing ammo is an efficient tool to tear down enemy armor due to its rapid firing speed. It can also fire flares into far distances, which can be used to illuminate dark areas or to set inflammable materials ablaze. These tactical solutions should not be ignored in any army.
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
.44 super 12 17 (20%) 2


Property Single fire Alert shot
Range (grids) 5 15
Targeting mode star arc
Static/base precision 0 0
Action Points 2 2
Ammo consumption 1x 1x
Base damage 4 1
Random damage 12 1
Base maxDmg range 4-16 1-2
Target area (grids) 1 1
Distance dmg. decay* - -
Impact force 2 0
Armor penetration 5 0
Tranquilization - -
Special - -
Module needed - -

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