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Combat rifle
Small arm
Cost: 7500 Credits
A classic combat weapon. May be a little bit out of date, but is still usable against smaller targets. With a carbon steel bayonette attached, it can also be used in close quarters to defend or attack. The combat rifle's armor penetration is minimal and its base damage is average, thus it's not effective against bigger, more powerful armored targets. It is also not moddable. A budget choice for combining ranged and melee combat.

Melee combat

Critical Threshold: 19 (10%)
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
.223 30 19 (10%) 2


Property Single fire Burst
Range (grids) 8 8
Targeting mode star star
Static/base precision 0 0
Action Points 2 3
Ammo consumption 1x 6x
Base damage 7 12
Random damage 3 13
Base maxDmg range 7-10 12-25
Target area (grids) 1 1
Distance dmg. decay* - -
Impact force 2 5
Armor penetration 3 5
Tranquilization - -
Special - -
Module needed - -

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