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Here you can find all our promotional videos and gameplay footage, as well as tutorials (coming soon).

Gameplay footage Gameplay Video #1

This is a full, uncut recording of an ill-fated mission on the ULTIMATE (5/6) difficulty setting against a DEADLY horde (4/4) with a high-end geared squad and the latest pre-Beta version (Build #0235). Resolution is 1360×768 only to prevent ultimate shuttering on my aging PC (due to recording) :P. The video shows some sophisticated tactics, but none was really executed as it should have been, leading to the death of a squad member, thus ending the mission as the secondary objective was “with no casualties”. Death may come very quick if you set up defenses poorly–in this particular case, too much splash damage from tough boss–Alpha–aliens' attacks brought poor Chief down. If he survived the turn, the squad could have taken its stand in the tech room and would have had a chance to fight off the swarm. You can also see many self-crafted and prototype-based advanced equipment in the video. You can collect materials and prototypes by completing missions on lower difficulty settings, thus being able to “gear up” for the real challenge (while also honing your tactics).

Gameplay Video #2

A full-length, uncut “data acquisition” mission, flawlessly played by the Lead Developer herself with a squad having 150+ missions behind their back, thus packing some really serious equipment–the phaser, for example, which is craftable-only and you don't get the blueprint unless solving this kind of mission WITHOUT it, with 40,000+ points. Navigating through those corridors without a hero being able to locate the data disc this easy? ;-) Difficulty was 4/6 on this mission. Sorry for the shuttering, my PC is just an old dual-core.

Promotional videos - Trailers

Official Announcement Trailer #1

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