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The Project

The Goal

We want to create a turn-based strategy game with really rich strategic choices (“builds”), exclusive challenges, very great replayability, and an exceptional “endgame”, both in terms of single-player (PvE) experience and multiplayer (PvP). We are making a game where acquired and native strategic and tactical skills really matter, yet there's always a greater challenge. A game where you can't cheat or “buy” victory. A game great even as a casual TBS shootout, but really classy as a competitive, deep experience. Yes, these are big words, but we really believe in what we do, and that at least the genre hardcores will enjoy USC!

The Crew and the Myth

USC started out as a one-man (or in this particular case, woman) project in August 2011, following a handful of never published “predecessors” that contributed very, very much to the gameplay experience USC has today. USC follows in the footsteps of mythical TBS classics like Laser Squad, Space Crusade, Incubation, UFO, or Jagged Alliance, but is >not the remake or remake-ish version of any of them. These games inspired me very much, but I've always wanted to create an own, unique game system and atmosphere.

USC (and even this site) is still mainly developed in solo, with only a little help with unit graphics, promotional art, and audio, and with one and a half “real” testers who are not me. USC is currently a no-budget project, done completely in my free time as a “hobby”. This of course slows the whole development, but we finally have the target in range!

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