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Nuclear hand cannon
ALB-PX-01N “Solaris”
Heavy arm
Cost: 18000 Credits
“Solaris” is a nuclear micro-fusion weapon capable of destroying virtually anything within its blast radius, armored and unarmored targets equally. Deadly, accurate and burns everything with the heat of a smaller star! The “normal” fire mode ejects a radioactive and explosive nuclear shell into the target with high velocity. The “meltdown” feature uses cost-free shrapnels the same way, imbued with the radioactive power of the weapon's core, but for no ammo!
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
Nuclear bolt 10 15 (30%) 7


Property Fire Meltdown
Range (grids) 15 10
Targeting mode free free
Static/base precision 5 5
Action Points 7 5
Ammo consumption 1x -
Base damage 30 10
Random damage 40 20
Base maxDmg range 30-70 10-30
Target area (grids) 3×3 3×3
Distance dmg. decay* 75% 50%
Impact force 20 0
Armor penetration 25 10
Tranquilization 20 10
Special see * * * see * * *
Module needed - -

* Given %s of base maxDmg is applied to the adjacent grids. In case of 5×5 areas, the outer targets get %s of their neighbors, i.e. %×% of base maxDmg.

* * * Confers 20 biohazard to target, which reduces HPs at the beginning of each turn.

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