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Browning M60 Infantry Build
Heavy arm
Cost: 8000 Credits
The minigun is the “big boys' weapon” with a high rate of fire and a very lovely damage! The minigun is equally good in assault or in defensive situations. Has medium armor penetration, but with the highest knock-back force! Perfect for fending off aggressively attacking enemies. Deadly spread in medium range. The fully automated reloading system allows for more fun and destruction with minimal reloading AP cost!
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
7.62 mm 5 19 (10%) 2


Property Scatter-fire Focused fire
Range (grids) 10 5
Targeting mode sweep star
Static/base precision 0 1
Action Points 5 6
Ammo consumption 1x 1x
Base damage 20 25
Random damage 15 30
Base maxDmg range 20-35 25-55
Target area (grids) 3×3 1
Distance dmg. decay* 50% -
Impact force 33 66
Armor penetration 7 30
Tranquilization - -
Special - -
Module needed - -

* Given %s of base maxDmg is applied to the adjacent grids. In case of 5×5 areas, the outer targets get %s of their neighbors, i.e. %×% of base maxDmg.

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