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Japanese longsword
Martial weapon
Cost: 2000 Credits
As a traditional officer's sidearm in the Space Command, the katana may seem a little bit out-of-date, but no small firearm slices & dices an unarmored enemy better than it. It is fast but lacks the power to penetrate heavy armor. The greatest advantage from wielding it comes when you face a foe eye-to-eye in close combat: with the katana, you can defend yourself effectively!

Melee combat

Property Slash Thrust
Range (grids) 1 1
Targeting mode star star
Static/base precision 0 0
Action Points 2 3
Base damage 5 7
Random damage 5 5
Base maxDmg range 5-10 7-12
Target area (grids) 1 1
Distance dmg. decay* - -
Impact force 0 4
Armor penetration 5 7
Tranquilization - -
Special - -
Module needed - -

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