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Lightning gun
ALB-C1A “Zappy” overcharger
Small arm
Cost: 18500 Credits
The overcharger is an extreme voltage energy weapon. Due to its random damage, the lightning gun is very unpredictable, dealing from minimal to brutally precise, devastating damage! The chain lighting feature makes it even more fearsome. It is advised for mid-range combat. Though very powerful, the Zappy retains its “small arm”-like properties, making it the ultimate handgun once you learn how to control its unrelented power!
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
Energy Charge 5 17 (20%) 2


Property Lightning Chain lightning
Range (grids) 5 5
Targeting mode star star
Static/base precision 3 3
Action Points 4 7
Ammo consumption 1x 2x
Base damage 5 10
Random damage 55 80
Base maxDmg range 5-60 10-90
Target area (grids) 1 1
Distance dmg. decay* - -
Impact force 12 15
Armor penetration 10 10
Tranquilization 15 15
Special - see * * *
Module needed - -

* * * After each target hit, there's a chance to randomly damage a new one in its vicinity. This can result in a max. 6 units 'long' damage streak. May cause Friendly Fire!

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