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Combat chainsaw
Martial weapon
Cost: 6500 Credits
In some situations, raw firepower is simply not enough. Beholding the usefulness of the officer's sword, the Command chose to develop this kerosene-fuelled monster to punch through any organic matter and light armor. Somewhat harder to control, the chainsaw can deal nearly double the damage, and the hell of titanium teeth often leaves bleeding open wounds and crippled limbs behind.
Ammo type Ammo capacity Critical Threshold Reload APs
Kerosene 20 15 (30%) 4

Melee combat

Property Saw Tear 'em apart!
Range (grids) 1 1
Targeting mode star star
Static/base precision 0 0
Action Points 3 4
Ammo consumption 1x 2x
Base damage 10 14
Random damage 5 8
Base maxDmg range 10-15 14-22
Target area (grids) 1 1
Distance dmg. decay* - -
Impact force 4 8
Armor penetration 7 12
Tranquilization 3 6
Special - -
Module needed - -

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